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True Albino Teachers
True Albino Teachers are a rare and distinctive strain of cubensis mushroom, but they are also among the most beautiful. True Albino Teacher is known for having a more tactile, quicker psychedelic effect that can last for several hours. TATs (True Albino Teachers) are a rare and unusual strain with brilliant colors and a strong punch. When observed through spores under a microscope, it’s even more amazing. Despite the fact that this strain is becoming less uncommon and more prevalent among researchers, it is nonetheless intriguing to study and observe. This mushroom is also a good place to start if you’re a beginner researcher learning how to use a microscope to analyze mushroom spores. True Albino Teacher was discovered and stabilized by mycologist Jik Fibs after isolating a handful of albino Golden Teacher clusters and growing them into fully albino canopies.

The Growth Characteristics of True Albino Teacher Mushrooms
The Golden Teacher mushroom strain was used to develop the True Albino Teacher isolation. Golden Teachers are recognized by their brightly colored golden-yellow crowns that fade to dark orange in the center. Their tall white-orange stalks are speckled with orange and yellow dots. A skilled mycologist or expert hobbyist researcher can distinguish Golden Teachers from other cubensis mushroom types because of their elegant stems and enormous umbrella crowns. True Albino Teachers are an albino variation of the traditional Golden Teacher. The caps and stems of this strain are ghostly white, and the gills turn a stunning light-blue and gray color. These mushrooms have a stunningly unique appearance. At maturity, true Albino Teachers are stout and flat, but they can alternatively develop longer stems with smaller crowns. True Albino Teachers grow slower than other members of their species and take longer to fruit, but this allows them to generate more psilocybin than faster-growing strains.

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